Inside the session – out of the body

I have just finished a session with my auditor and I want to impress with these few lines a wonderful experience. The work started, as often happens, with a problem in the present time, but going backwards I found other problems and then episodes. While walking along one of these, at some point I realized that I was not in the past. “Max”, I tell my auditor, “I don’t understand what’s going on.” “Tell me what you see!” he tells me. “That’s not the point … I feel I’m not in the past! It’s incredible, I’m in the present and I’m inside a shopping mall.” “You’ve externalized yourself,” he tells me. what, I feel awakened to this truth. I realize that I am there, in this mall, floating in space. I feel that I am expanded and not physical. At least not with my body made of bones and fibers. It is still me, but I can move freely in space. My auditor was fantastic because he recognized what was happening to me and helped me to be aware of it. I felt a great sense of lightness. “Where in the world are you?” Max asks me “In France!” I answer. I don’t know if this was correct, but it is what I perceived. Such a sensation I have experienced before, but what thrilled me in this situation was to recognize it fully. I knew I was out of body and to be in the present. The session ended with a great sense of lightness. The problems of the reactive mind, all day long, seemed to me like meaningless grains of sand. In a way, being externalized has benefited me on several levels.
Thanks to my super auditor and Ron’s Technology

PC Skywalker – Auditor Max from Italy

Timecops project

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