Rehabilitation and confirmation of the State of Clear.

A few weeks ago in a session with my auditor I confirmed the condition of Clear. I thought for a long time to write about this. After all, as a rule, we share something that is unusual for us, which is impressive, which is interesting. And listening to myself, I understand that this condition is natural for me. And yet, there are some interesting moments that I want to share. Well, first of all, I rehabilitated the state of Clear in this life bacause I reached it before. In the previous Scientology group, I already had an attempt to rehabilitate the state of Clear, but it turned out to be unsuccessful and the problems were not in technology, but how it was used. I didn’t remember absolutely NOTHING – there were no pictures, feelings, perceptions, nothing to catch up and remember. And, of course, it made me very upset. And here in the “Time Cops Project”, in the session, using the same auditing question :))))))) I easily remembered everything – the exact date, place, time, the name of the city, location, etc. I even opened Google to check if there is such a city and where it is is located :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Another amazing thing – I became Clear on April 4, 1872! Then I realized myself as a spiritual being and that no external circumstances, influence, living conditions can change me, I separated myself from everything I am not. This was a practice of something like modern auditing. The person who conducted processes was named Orio. We sat down at the table across from each other, I put my hands on the table, he covered mine with his hands. This physical contact was an important part of the process, created and helped hold the common space. My spiritual mentor directed my attention, asked questions, accompanied and supported me in my search for myself. Understanding the difference of ” before ” and ” after ” I received from the session already in this life. I listened to myself for a while, what has changed in me. At first, it seemed that basically nothing changed. But I became better to know myself! I understood why for many people who surround me I’m not very clear, I often tell me that I’m different, but it’s not clear what. Sometimes they call me lucky, and spoiled fate, because what is hard for me seems to do it. It used to offend me, because I’m working too, I don’t give everything right easy – easy :)))) But there is really a difference! Now I know her more precisely, I know myself better how I act and manifest myself in this life. And this understanding is very important to me! Thank you for your help in the spiritual development of my auditor Victoria Kurylekh, the case supervisor Elena Lebedev, Maxim Lebedev and the project “Time Cops”. And a huge thanks to LRH for technology and the path to freedom!

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