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humanistic online coaching (web-auditing)

What’s online humanistic coaching | what is it for online humanistic coaching?

What is humanistic coaching online and what is it for?
The humanistic coaching, as it is understood by us (web-auditor) is a tool that uses an ancient communication process, the maieutics, understood as in its Socratic application, or as the “pulling out” from a subject cognitions, thoughts , intentions, intentions, absolutely personal and original achievements. The maieutics is divided into 5 large predominant areas (more ancillary), called degrees. For simplicity we can say that a degree is a list of questions that an auditor asks an individual to rehabilitate him spiritually on a specific area of life.
The questions we use in humanistic coaching (web-auditing) have been studied and tested in the second half of the 20th century. The questions are structured in such a way as to explore the subject every possible <> situation that is preventing an individual from achieving his or her goals.

maieutica socratica

To whom is the humanistic coaching (web-auditing) of freezone addressed?

Humanistic coaching (web-auditing) is aimed at all those who have become aware of having automatic behaviors, of having inhibitions (relating to skills), who are aware of having automatic thoughts or who are aware of having a chronic tone mood. This is the fundamental step that an individual must take in order to be able to actively and consciously choose to help himself in order to get out of the routine of automaticity that keeps him away from his goals.


The humanistic coaching of freezone (web-auditing) allows those who receive it to shape their own experience (and therefore to achieve their goals) thanks to a higher level of ethics (rationality) obtained at the completion of each degree. Each grade is therefore a set of procedures (questions) structured according to precise flows:flusso 1 flusso entrante (da un altro a sé stessi)

flow 1 incoming flow (from another to yourself)
flow 2 outgoing flow (from oneself to another)
flow 3 cross-flow (from another to others)
flow 4 no flow (from oneself to oneself)

How does a humanistic coaching meeting (web-auditing) take place?

The meetings are called sessions. A work session can last from an hour to an hour and a half. The session takes place between the active subject who has decided to rehabilitate himself according to the principles of web auditing and the auditor (the subject who poses structured questions and listens to the answers). The active subject can respond in any way, every answer is valid and the answers are not evaluated in any way by the auditor. The session takes place by videoconference.

How does humanistic coaching work (web-auditing)?

Humanistic coaching (web-auditing) leads the individual to become more and more skilled in relation to the different areas of inner work. During a coaching session the auditor (coach) asks questions (procedures) to the user who responds by generating his own awareness (knowledge). By doing this the user <
> their own areas of cognitive automaticity. This leads the subject to break down the barriers he has built in the past. Once these obstacles have been demolished (seen and understood), the subject finds himself in a renewed condition, with more ethics (rationality), in present time, able to autonomously direct his own experience towards his own desires.

The different work areas of web-auditing

Now let’s see in concrete terms what humanistic coaching is for, or what are the results we can achieve:

Grade 0 Expanded – Communication, release of communications

flow 1: ability to communicate freely with any person on any subject;
stream 2: be willing to let others communicate freely with us;
flow 3: be willing that others communicate with others freely, without jealousy;
flow 4: being willing to let in any communication coming from ourselves, freedom to communicate with ourselves about anything.

Grade I expanded – Problems, unlocking problems

flow 1: ability to recognize the source of problems and make them disappear;
stream 2: feeling free about the problems others have with us and recognizing their source;
flow 3: feeling free about the problems others have with others and recognizing their source;
flow 4: no longer a problem for oneself unless one wants to;

Grade II esapanso – Withholds (detained actions), relief relief

freedom from hostility and the sufferings of life;
flow 1: ability to be cause without fear of harming others;
stream 2: being willing to be cause over others;
flow 3: being willing to let others be cause over others without the need to intervene;
flow 4: being willing to be cause over oneself.

Expanded Grade III – ARC breakage, freedom release

freedom from past disturbances and habitation to face the future.
flow 1: ability to face the future. Ability to go through sudden changes without getting upset.
stream 2: allow others to be themselves and leave them free to determine their future; have the ability to cause a change in the lives of others without bad consequences;
stream 3: being willing to change and interrelate among others;
flow 4: to be free from disturbances with oneself.

Expanded Grade IV – Service Facsimiles, unlocking the skill

get out of fixed conditions and gain skills on new things.
flow 1: ability to do new things. Ability to face life without the need to justify one’s actions, defend oneself from others. You can be right or wrong.
flow 2: being able to tolerate the fixed ideas and habits of others towards ourselves and be free not to respond in a similar way. No longer feel the need to make others feel guilty;
flow 3: being able to tolerate the fixed conditions among the others and not being involved by the efforts of the other facts to justify, dominate or defend the actions made by others against others;
flow 4: having stopped trying to win or lose;

Expanded Dianetics ,Evil intentions

freedom from cruel impulses and unwanted chronic conditions.
Ability to act without restraint.

Grade V, Power, Unlocking Power

ability to manage power. Freedom from the hated areas of the track. No longer subject to corruption, temptation or seduction.

Grade VA, Power, Unlocking the Power More


recovery of Knowledge.

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