How to become an auditor in 2021?
Today it is no longer necessary to travel far and wide to be able to get to the nearest academy where you can start your training as an auditor. Thanks to modern technologies we have broken down the limits caused by geographical barriers. Wherever you are, USA, Europe or Asia – it doesn’t matter. You can connect to us and attend our online courses.
The expected starting date of the course is June 1, 2021.

Over the past 11 years, the Timecops project has held training courses in Russian within the Russian Federation, preparing auditors and the public distributing all the range of classic courses available within the panorama of standard technologies called Scientology and Dianetics. Today we have the opportunity to lay the foundations for duplicating standard technology. The first step will be to prepare staff by training them in English. If you want to start your standard training course in English right away, don’t hesitate, contact us. For the offer of courses in Italian, the plan is to start everything from 2022 onwards. If you are interested and want to let us know right now that you want to join us, do not waste your time, we are happy to know who out there feels ready for this wonderful journey.

Now let’s see, without going into detail, how these distance courses work.

The courses can be managed in videoconference by a supervisor using a webcam.
In the last eleven years (since 2010) the training of students on the courses has been carried out in this way. It is called ‘now training’. The Supervisor performs all necessary actions on a course using modern computer technology.

The supervisor can thus carry out face-to-face checks, demonstration checks, essay readings, e-meter training, review of auditing sessions; in short, all those actions that are necessary to complete a course.

Students can participate independently from their own homes or they can organize themselves in a classroom equipped for web training, in which to host 3-10 people living in the same city.

The international web class will begin the 1st June 2021.

For information and subscriptions:
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